I'm Kate McCrossin

designer // dog lover // david bowie fan

I'm a dog-lovin' Sydney based designer committed to crafting strategically inspired design solutions in collaboration with my clients

...and I'm floating in the most peculiar way...

It all starts with a story..

Just like the Jean Genie, a good story has the power to enchant and entertain

I work collaboratively with small businesses and start-ups to uncover their story, define their message and craft effective communication pieces across all touchpoints, connecting to customers and creating rewarding engagement experiences.

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From logos to landing pages to long-page documents ..

Whether your story is 1000 chapters long or just a short picture book, everything is possible..


So much more than just a logo...your brand is how you connect with people, how you make them think and feel


From the humble business card to the multi-page annual report, print is not dead..it is still a powerful story telling vehicle


Chances are it's online where you first connect with your audience so this needs cut through to the right place

It's a process of working together..

I'm curious - I love people and I love a good chat..

My process involves collaboration with you - workshopping together, defining your design problems and forming the basis for what we do, how we do it, and who we are doing it for - quickly and successfully reaching design goals.

Let's get ready and go!

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"Ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange.."

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