designer, dog lover, david bowie fan

I'm a Sydney based designer committed to crafting strategically inspired design solutions in collaboration with my clients..floating in the most peculiar way!

My professional design story started before the mac was a studio necessity

And before a 'graphic designer' was even a thing

I began my working life in with a scalpel and pasteboard in the art studio of a multi-national advertising agency with not a computer in sight. Much has changed in the years since, and with the development of digital applications embedded into our daily lives, so has the approach to design.

I've learnt that the path to successful design and story telling is the process of listening before sketching, engaging the ears before the eyes and establishing a truly collaborative environment rather than working as a lone ranger. Workshops are my thing! Through a series of workshop exercises we do together, I gain the information I need to be able to understand what you need, all the while having you beside me on the journey.

With different periods freelancing in agencies and in-house, and a decade working an in-house role with a large entertainment company, my skillset is vast. I build websites in Webflow (and Wordpress/Squarespace/Wix if I absolutely have to..) with mockups in Figma or XD, draw in Illustrator and Photoshop, use Indesign for layout, and create slick presentations in Keynote. I thrive on finding the best solution to any design problem, so online learning is constant in my studio!

And I love dogs!
Kate with her dog
My studio pal of 14 years Bayli..RIP

And Bowie?

Well there is no other artist of our time as innovative as he was, constantly reinventing, experimenting and pushing boundaries to challenge cultural norms. Just like a really great designer should do!

", turn and face the strange.."

"..let's dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues.."

david bowie – let's dance