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VF understood the value of being stronger together

COVID brought a business reset for Mark at VF Executive Consulting, and a brand refresh kicked off a great design journey.

Mark's consultancy is a collective of seriously capable practitioners who work with corporates and SME's facing challenges and needing genuine collaboration and advice.

We hopped onto many Zoom calls to workshop through his brand attributes, his persona profiles and dug really deep to understand his primary concept of 'stronger outcomes together'. Our workshops uncovered his X-factor: through being embedded yet independent in organisations, his consultants had genuine leverage to create better outcomes for clients, leaving them feel stronger - a winning combination!

First on the design stage was the logo - it was dated and needed a refresh. With restraint, I tweaked it slightly to modernise it and bring it to life.

We then started on the website..

Mark wanted his site to stand apart from his competitors - he didn't want to use regular business type imagery. So we started thinking about other ways to convey the 'outcome' messaging - and landed on using extreme sport metaphoric images as our way to achieve this.

We worked on content together - he wanted this site to be a quick overview of what his people do, without dragging the audience through pages and pages of case studies and graphs and tables. So we settled on really trimming the copy to punchy blocks of text clearly articulating the value proposition, along with three very tight case studies to represent the breadth of experience VF has. Our messaging workshops worked their magic and the copy almost wrote itself!

We also developed a slick brand reveal

To engage previous clients on the rebrand journey and to entice new ones, Mark and I designed a slide deck of images to communicate our findings of the VF brand proposition. These could be utilised as reveal posts on LinkedIn, delivered as a PDF, or used in presentations.

The COVID disruption proved an industrious period for VF!

With a shiney new logo and clear articulation of the brand value proposition, Mark was well positioned for growth into the future.

"..if you stay you won't be sorry 'Cause we believe in you.."

David Bowie - Kooks