Paro Consulting

Branding a planning and development advisory services business
brand strategy
design system
new website build

A planning consultancy ready for growth

Paro was ready to move from a side hustle to a full time gig and so branding and a website were needed pronto!

Dan from Paro was an accomplished town planner who had worked with in both government and private sectors. As such he had seen both sides of the town planning and property development sphere, achieving positive outcomes across complex projects and planning issues.

We got to work identifying his value propositions and his super powers in relation to the competition - three things were identified:

  • he worked one on one with clients - he wasn't part of a company structure and thus could really embed himself in a project
  • his experience with local government and private sector - he has invaluable insight and skill set relating to the interpretation of planning legislation and its application, approval strategy, and understanding of the development process
  • he was connected to a large network within the sector

We came up with a concept that brought in a construction concept based on geometric shapes as building blocks..

Dan was right on board so we rolled out mockups to see how everything could look.

We then got cracking onto the website

Using the Wordpress CMS system, we created a simple site that gave Dan a place for people to contact him and understand his service offering.

Paro is now ready for further growth

Dan and I are about to sit down and create a bunch of assets for all sorts of things as he leases office pace and recruits personnel..things are really building for this town planner!

"..taking it all the right way, never no turning back.."

David Bowie - Right