Constructing the SNR story

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SNR Building Solutions had all the tools of the trade bar one big one

Brand strategy
identity system
online marketing

SNR Building Solutions is a team of professional tradesmen offering specialised construction services on commercial projects. Steve and Tash approached me for help with their branding - their business was rapidly expanding and they felt they needed to jump to the next level with an air of professionalism.

We worked together to define their brand attributes and develop a simplified brand positioning statement, create client personas and user journeys, and gained actionable insights on what we needed from a design stance. We were able to quickly craft the look and feel and the deliverables grew from there. The "building block" imagery seemed obvious..and the guys loved it!

Through our discovery sessions, the SNR story grew..

Although initially they were expecting just a logo and a website,  a world of possibility opened up through our brand strategy exercises - they were able to feel how their business communicated. We worked through a list of deliverables including stationery, employee apparel, and website. Email communication pieces announcing their new look and feel were added to the program, tapping into contacts across their business and opening up the potential for new work.

"Taking it all the right way, keeping it in the back, taking it all the right way, never no turning back..."

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