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client // redoak beer cafe & brewery

I've been working with the guys at Redoak for over 10 years..

beer label design
staff apparel

Redoak is a boutique brewery on the outskirts of Sydney, with a bustling restaurant in the middle of Sydneys CBD, and when the guys approached me to help with a refresh of their labelling, I was excited!

The brief was to create spanking new labelling of their four leading beer varieties, with all four to tie in as a family, and move away from their traditional old school design to a fresher look and feel. The target market was identified as young, professional and aspirational with a slight hipster twang, so with this in mind I approached the design of each beer with emphasis on typography and colour to differentiate between them.

These designs were a hit!

So much so the Redoak crew decided they wanted to hit the shelves of retail outlets so we needed to roll out packaging..and t-shirts for the staff..

The result?

The Redoak crew were very happy with the final result. They were able to roll out distribution through major Australian retailers in addition to through the restaurant, giving them greater exposure to a growing customer base of fine craft beer lovers.

High fives all around!

"Drink, drink, drain your glass, raise your glass high.."

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