Healing heels and positive podiatry story-telling

client // Heal my heel podiatry clinic

Steve at Heal My Heel had developed a unique process for treating heel pain

print collateral

As a podiatrist with over two decades experience, Steve had seen, treated and resolved thousands of cases of heel pain conditions, and came to me armed with an idea and a treatment process he'd developed that was giving fantastic results.

Through competitor analysis, we found that all other sites focused on pain - imagery was scarily anatomical, with grimacing faces and big red circles indicating danger - and we agreed that we wanted our site to differ from this approach. We wanted to scream POSITIVITY! Most patients Steve treats are frustrated, exhausted and despondent from living with debilitating pain and we needed to give them confidence that relief is at hand.

With this in mind we selected a colour palette that gave a sense of reassurance, and imagery that communicated optimism and empowerment, choosing to use icons rather than frightening anatomical photographs!

Our intent was to pave a positive way of walking through the podiatry website landscape

One of Heal My Heel's "X-Factor" properties is the use of a low level laser therapy device to stimulate the healing process. Steve has had huge success in treating patients using this method, and he wanted this to feature prominently on the homepage.

From the website big things then grew

We identified a second Heal My Heel "X-Factor" as the extensive Rehabilitation Program that Steve had written - this was designed in print and digital formats, along with other deliverables including clinic signage, business/appointment cards and patient record forms.

"Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.."

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