Billy Blargo brings a Balkan party to the Sydney CBD

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Billy Blargo arrives bringing the stories of the Balkans to the people of Sydney

WEBSITE design & build
print collateral
social assets & strategy

The guys at the Nedelko Group were opening their second Sydney restaurant and gave me a yell - this one was different..they wanted it to celebrate the story of the Balkan people who came out in the 1960's & 70's and now call Australia home. AND it was located in the middle of the CBD - catering for the city crowd.

After sitting down and talking about the story of Billy and looking through countless photos of swinging times in the seventies in Sydney, I knew the branding had to have a retro vibe..and with the Balkans situated on the eastern side of Europe, I felt we had to reflect this in the font choice.

When I presented my vision for Billy Blargo to the crew, they were right onto it. This then followed through with some of the interiors, and I found myself adding titles such as "wallpaper designer" to my cap - a very fun project to be a team member on!

Although this restaurant was the little brother to The Balkan Butler, its culture was different - it was celebrating the people who came here, not the place from where they came..

With this in mind, we set about creating an atmosphere of energetic celebration. We crafted a social strategy focused on the food, with mouthwatering "moody" photography that had us drooling all over our strategy documents! And rolled out collateral including the usual menus, coffee loyalty cards and signage along with marketing campaigns within the building's digital screens and online portal platform.

"Don't lean on me man cos I can't afford the ticket, back from Suffragette City.."

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