A bit of Balkan saunters into Sydney

client // the balkan butler restaurant

I was lucky enough to have the best barista in Sydney's CBD make my coffee for nearly a decade

WEBSITE design & build
print collateral
social assets & strategy

And when they moved their business down to the other side of town, people were devastated. I recently bumped into said barista Dave in the street, who gleefully told me of his upcoming plan of opening not one BUT TWO new cafe style restaurants in inner Sydney. However he had a problem...he needed a designer to work out the branding really quickly...
So we got to work. I sat down, and went through their offering, their customer profiles, their tone and feel, and their unique point of difference for each business and started drawing.

Dave had a font in mind that encapsulated a connection to the Balkans and the experience he wanted for his customers...we just had to refine it for legibility...

Dave is from a proud Macedonian family and his mum is his business partner, hence family is a big piece of this Balkan puzzle

The Balkan Butler is located in the swanky Surry Hills area of Sydney, an area chock full of young aspirational creatives, students and professionals spilling out of reflective bars and eating establishments. We identified three main points of difference:


The Balkan element gave an edge and cultural reference not seen in surrounding bars and cafes


With a large portion of the menu devised from recipes passed down through generations of Balkan families, this was defined as a large point of difference


The feeling and tone was warm, friendly and comfortable, like "going home", being part of a community or family

Bold and strong like a good Balkan character, the branding beamed everywhere we slapped it!

Deliverables included website, in-house printed menus, first-time coffee promo cards, and a range of merchandise items such as tee’s, caps and keep-cups.

We developed a finely tuned social strategy prior to opening, focusing on Instagram and rolling out to Facebook, and we easily hit our engagement targets in the first eight weeks of business. While our main subject will always be the food offerings, we’ve incorporated cultural content into our feed, to hone in on what the business is really all about: everything wonderfully Balkan!

"Put another log on the fire for me, I've made some breakfast and coffee.."

david bowie - o you pretty things