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And when I was approached by the awesome team at Autism Awareness Australia to lend a hand to promote an event they were hosting, I jumped at the chance.

As it happened, we worked together like clockwork so what started as event branding has extended through a range of design projects, from social campaigns to educational infographics to annual reports, a brand refresh and a complete rebuild of the AAA website.

Project A: Website + brand refresh

Refreshing the AAA brand came with looking at the website - and it was time for a refresh. The project was daunting - we were reorganising content, making the user experience easier and more defined - there is a total of 80+ static pages alone. Then we were creating over 12 dynamic CMS collections to populate content that is being constantly added to and updated, and these needed filtering and a bunch of other features.

The team had a library of fantastic images from a recent shoot, so making it look good was easy! Once the design system was developed and a huge cache of icons was created, I set to work with Webflow and got building - you can see the results here!

Project B: Autism: What Next?

The AAA team identified the need to create a free digital toolkit - a central hub - to help individuals and families navigate the first year following an autism diagnosis.

This brief required branding and a design system, and creation of infographics to be used on the Autism: What Next? website. As we were concurrently refreshing the AAA branding, we decided to tie these two identities together, both through the logo, and the colour palette and infographic illustrations. See the AWN website (which I did not design or build) here.

Marketing material to promote the launch of the site completed the brief.

Project C: AUStism Event

In 2018, AAA hosted a series of three TED style talks aimed at individuals with Autism and their families along with people who work within the field of developmental delays. As it was a "speaker" type of event, the imagery seemed obvious, and we've carried that through to 2020. Given the events run over three locations, we've used colour as the differentiator, and the campaign runs over all social channels and online.

Project D: DAD - a film about Autism and fatherhood

DAD is a documentary created to provide guidance, information, and support to fathers with children on the autism spectrum. The film shares the stories of twelve Aussie fathers as they discover a whole new world of parenting and what it means to be a dad.

This brief required branding for the film along with numerous collateral rollout assets across the digital spectrum.

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